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Real estate ownership, construction and property development in Southern California are among the most rewarding — and potentially damaging — financial opportunities in Southern California. Personal life savings, family legacies and millions of dollars in investment potential can be lost if prompt and appropriate steps are not taken to protect property rights when damage occurs to real property.

Property rights can be negatively impacted by both private and government action. If you are involved in a residential or commercial property, construction or development dispute in Southern California or the Central Coast, or your property has suffered damage due to acts or omissions of the state or local government or private parties, make sure you protect your rights. Turn to the Law Offices of Joseph Liebman. Our firm practices nearly exclusively in the area of real estate litigation.

We are responsive to calls and emails. Mr. Liebman works directly with every client throughout the case. We keep our clients fully informed and educated about legal options.

From offices in Santa Barbara, our firm provides litigation services for clients throughout Southern California and the Central Coast region. Call 805-448-5656 or contact us by email to arrange a no-cost consultation with Santa Barbara real estate attorney Joseph Liebman today.

“Real estate litigation requires a sophisticated understanding of how our California courts view ownership rights, construction codes and inverse condemnation and eminent domain laws. To be consistently successful, a lawyer can’t just handle the occasional case. I have focused most of my 30-year career in this complex and unique area of the law.” Attorney Joseph Liebman

Our firm concentrates on all areas of real estate litigation, including:

  • Landslide and Flood damage, Construction defects, Earth Movement, Subsidence: We protect the rights of property owners who face devastating financial losses resulting from landslides and flooding, insufficient land grading and preparation, flawed design, flawed construction workmanship and substandard building materials.
  • Eminent domain, Inverse condemnation & Regulatory Takings proceedings: Property rights are protected by the United State Constitution and the California Constitution. Local governments often skirt the law regarding full and fair payment to the owner, as well as the conditions under which a property may be condemned. We help property owners fight to protect their rights and financial interests. The government can be liable for damage it causes to real property even in the absence of negligence. It is our job to ensure that the property owner receives full compensation as provided for in the Constitution. If the government causes damage to your property, you are entitled to “just compensation” under the law.
  • Real estate fraud: If you have been defrauded in the purchase of a home, land or building due to the fraudulent concealment of defects or problems with the property, we will fight aggressively to help you recover full compensation for your damages.
  • Real estate insurance bad faith practices litigation: If you have had a property insurance claim denied or you have been unfairly compensated by your insurance company after damage suffered in a fire, earthquake or other natural disaster, we will vigorously uphold your right to receive the full compensation you are due under terms of your policy.

Property Condemned? Property Damaged By Government Acts Or Omissions? Call An Experienced Inverse Condemnation/California Eminent Domain Attorney.

You have the right to protect your property rights and financial interests. Turn your real estate litigation matter over to an experienced trial lawyer. Call the Law Offices of Joseph Liebman at 805-448-5656 or use our email contact form to explain your circumstances.

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Our office hours in Santa Barbara are 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and evening and weekend appointments may be available by special arrangement. Mr. Liebman offers a free consultation to evaluate your case and explain possible legal options. We work both on an hourly fee or a contingency fee basis depending on the case. If we represent you on a contingency fee basis, you will pay no lawyer fees unless we recover monetary damages in a negotiated settlement or by court award, if a trial becomes necessary.

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